“Calla has an esemplastic imagination: the ability to make a whole out of all the parts that assail you…she is not just finding her own individual voice. She’s trying to develop modes of telling stories. She comes from the remix generation, which means she’s claiming a theatrical vocabulary that’s new and inventive and technically complicated — and forms a fantastic mosaic."

 —Harvard Gazette Profile, May 29, 2009

Please Do Not Disturb (2014)

My Machine is Powered by Clocks (2013)

Convergence (2012)

that time, and the time before that, and... (2011)

Unlearning Intolerance (2010)

The Space Between (2009)

What If... (2012)

Sound Proof (2011)

The Past is a Foreign Country (2010)

Mnemonic (2008)

The Edge of the Map (2013)

Hold Music (2011/2012)

One Arm and a Leg (2010)

The Untitled Project (2010)

The Three Lives of Lucie Cabrol (2007)