The Edge of the Map

Directed by Calla Videt

Devised by Sarah Batista-Pereira, Dan Giles, Ben Morris, Jesse Nee-Vogelman, Taktin Oey, Mariel Pettee, Cassandra Rasmussen, B. Walker Sampson, and Calla Videt

Performed by Anna Hagen, Brianne Holland-Stergar, Daniel Erickson, Darcy Donelan, Eli Wilson Pelton, Garrett Allen, Ilker Oztop, Mariel Pettee, Teis Jorgensen, Zena Mengesh

Produced by Ben Morris and Mariel Pettee

Asst. Produced byJosh McTaggart and Sofie Seymour

Stage Managed by Jumai Yusuf

Asst. Stage Managed by Sofie Seymour

Lighting Design by Mary Ellen Stebbins

Video Design by Chris Masterson

Asst. Lighting Designed by Anna Hagen

Sound Design by Jack Ausick

Asst. Sound Design by James Pollack

Choreographed by Megan Murdock and Mariel Pettee



“The multiple dimensions in which the piece unfolded brilliantly evoked the interconnectedness of our biological and social natures and the complexity of our so-called "genes." It beautifully satirized the ways in which our consumerist culture of competitive acquisitiveness and desires for control extended even to our genomes. I came away from the performance of Edge of the Map with a sense of exhilaration.” 

Alex Wexler, Ph.D., UCLA Center for the Study of Women


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