The Space Between

Devised and Directed Calla Videt

Performed by Jesse Barron, Matt Bohrer, Catrin Lloyd-Bollard, Sarah Christian, Rick Kuperman, Julia Renaud, Rory Kulz, Simon Williams, Madeleine Bennett, Faith Imafidon, Allison Kline, Karol Malik, Jessica Napier, Carly Dwyer, Isabel Patrowicz

Assistant Directed by Ilinca Radulian

Produced by Kevin Davies

Associate Produced by Pete Kulalert, Jennifer Wu, Pallas Snider, Matt Stone

Designed by Grace Laubacher

Assistant Designed by Sara Stern

Lighting Design by Michael Zellmann-Rohrer

Master Electrician, Beth Shields

Sound Design by Josh Stein and Calla Videt

Video Design by Mark Moody and Caroline Rose

Costumes by Rheeqrheeq Chainey

Choreographed by Rick Kuperman

Graphic Design by Catrin Lloyd Bollard

Stage Managed by Ryan Nolan and Ari Pena

Assistant Stage Managed by Alex Dolginow and Ali Leskowitz

Technical Direction by Elizabeth Mak and Steven Demarco

Dramaturgy by Jay Musen


 “Videt has a kind of wide-eyed sensibility that sees the world harmonizing with itself at every turn, and the intuitive logic that grounds her thinking is what makes “The Space Between” go….Too often artists use History to de-fang the past—think “Schindler’s List”—but Videt finds resonance in events which remain indeterminate, unknown, and unredeemed. The closing sequence is a magical, literally incandescent experience… Calla Videt knows what she’s talking about. She has real ideas about how people and history work together, and while they’re sometimes fuzzy, they can’t be easily dismissed; I’ve decided to see “The Space Between” again."

Richard Beck, Harvard Crimson, April 30, 2009

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